Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So after stalking another blog, I decided to adopt her challenge, and write a blog a day, every day, for a month! Yeah, since I haven't blogged regularly, this should be a piece of cake! Why did I have to pick a month with 31 days! Not really sure if anyone actually reads this thing, but oh well...here goes my first attempt at Blog-a-Day!

So we are now completely moved in and settled into the new apartment. Its been a CRAZY month!! The weekend before we moved, Tyler got a concussion at school, then got the stomach flu on top of it! The following weekend was moving weekend! And since Tyler is such an AMAZING share-er, he shared his sick with Decklan, and Decklan got sick. And since my kids are BOTH soooo wonderful at sharing, Decklan gave it to me, and I in turn gave it to Joel (guess they learn the 'sharing' naturally huh?!) I have to say, as far as sickness goes, I definitely got the worst of it! Sinus infection, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and the flu! (doc said it could have been H1N1!!) But alas, we are finally all well, and settling into a routine of apartment living!!!

Let's see...what else to 'catch up on'...well, my dad had foot surgery 2 weeks ago. They made 6 incisions, and shortened each toe (except his big toe). His 'plantar plate'??? was slipping. In laymans terms, the ball of his foot (the part you put most of your weight on when you stand on your toes), was slipping forward towards his toes, and making his toes stick straight up! PAINFUL!!!! Anyway, he is healing nicely, and trying not to get too much 'cabin fever'! He can put NO WEIGHT on his foot for 6 weeks! He has a little dolly/scooter/skateboard thingy that he uses to get around, well, he has crutches too, but he uses the dolly thing most of the time. Tyler LOVES riding on it when we go visit!

Mom also caught this wonderful sickness that my family is so great at sharing! And...you guessed it...she kinda gave it to dad too! So he is recovering from surgery, and dealing with some sort of cold/sinus thing! UGH! Other than taking care of dad, mom is doing ok.

Not much else to report today...But I'll have a new post tomorrow! (i hope!) :)

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